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Estate Planning

Estate Planning




Powers of Attorney

Health Care Directives

Estate planning can be an intimidating process, but if done correctly, it can spare your loved ones, frustration, delay, and expense associated with the dying process.

At Suddendorf Legal Service, LLC you’ll work with an experienced licensed attorney that will take time to learn your wishes. We will listen to your concerns and legal goals in order to help you work through the important process of planning your estate.

Whether you’re looking for a plan to:

- avoid probate

- designate a qualified person to handle your legal affairs

- designate a qualified person to handle your health care decisions

- decide who appropriate guardians maybe for your minor children

Suddendorf Legal Services, LLC will provide professional, compassionate representation for all your estate planning needs. 

Estate Administration

Estate Admin

Probate Process

Trust Administration

Small Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, it can be disconcerting trying to understand where to start?


Suddendorf Legal Services, LLC can guide you during this stressful time.

We can help you navigate all of the things that need to happen and how to go about executing the necessary procedures. 

We’ll help you understand if you need to open a probate, how to collect the assets, details around how to pay for the funeral, and the list continues. 

Suddendorf Legal Services, LLC walks clients through the different parts of the process assisting and guiding you all the way.


Whether it’s assisting the Personal Representative/Executor to open a probate, creating the final account, or distributing the assets, we’ll be here to help.

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